Mission, Values, and Principles



  • Give our clients personal, accessible, and the highest quality fundraising consulting so that they reach or exceed their goals.


  • Keep promises and deliver on commitments.
  • Be fair and honest.
  • Build goodwill and strong, enduring relationships.
  • Treat people with respect.
  • Serve beyond self.
  • Learn from every experience.
  • Give back to those in need.


  • Clients succeed in their business when we do our best.
  • Listening to clients is the first step on the pathway to their success.
  • Communicating promptly and fully with clients is standard procedure.
  • Teamwork strengthens people and organizations.
  • Integrity and trust are building blocks of worthwhile business.
  • Change is the crucible of opportunity.
  • Risk is an open door to new possibilities.
  • Excellence is a habit.
  • Stewardship never ends.
  • Undaunted leadership can achieve extraordinary goals.
  • Giving builds a better future.


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