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Our Foundation needed to refine our development division and start a planned giving program. We did not know where to begin and what needed to be done. Bill was our answer! His expert advice and guidance helped us outline our requirements, establish priorities, and guide our goals toward task accomplishment. Bill was knowledgeable, candid, courteous, and always a consummate professional. He undoubtedly played a key role in our acquiring three major planned gifts in a very short period of time.

Vickie C. Mauldin, Executive Director, First Command Educational Foundation, Fort Worth, Texas


We were a small organization with a large, large fundraising task ahead of us.  Bill made us believe we could do it, and then gave us the tools to accomplish it.  We start building in October of 2005!  Thanks, Bill – I don’t think we could have done it without you.

     Sandy Hackbarth, Library Director, La Veta Regional Library District, La Veta, Colorado


The Lighthouse for the Blind needed to establish a development program to ensure funding to operate our program services now and in the future.  We were seeking someone with the experience, knowledge and skills in fund raising to assist us in this endeavor. We found the best person was Bill McLeRoy. 

W. Wayne Pound, Vice President, Lighthouse for the Blind of Fort Worth, Fort Worth, Texas


Seeking to establish a dynamic development program while launching a major capital campaign, Bill was selected for his depth of knowledge of fund raising fundamentals and a professional commitment tailored to our specific requirements.  His dedicated guidance and mentoring exceeded expectations in accomplishing our objectives. 

Bob Herndon, Director of Development, Henry Stilwell Retirement Residence, Waco, Texas


Bill helped to move All Saints' from a volunteer-led to a professional staff-led development effort, both with regard to our ongoing annual fund raising and our tremendously successful capital campaigns.  Volunteers are critical to our success, but professional staff is indispensable to raising the amounts of money that we have been able to achieve. 

Ramsay H. Slugg, Trustee, All Saints’ Episcopal School, Fort Worth, Texas


Bill has provided a wealth of information to our new foundation, thereby creating a structure for maximum development potential and achievement for our institution. 

Roy E. Renfro, Ph. D., Executive Director, Grayson County College Foundation, Denison, Texas


Solid, reliable feasibility study which is critical to the success of any fundraising effort.  Bill has provided us with the information we’ve needed to move forward in a very professional and personable manner. 

Rob Dippel, Executive Director, Waco Hippodrome, Waco, Texas


One of the things that has been important to us is that Bill keeps us focused on identifying problems and then just as quickly, helps us work out solutions.  He keeps bringing us back to the issues at hand and not letting us wander. 

Linda Craig, Chair, Board of Trustees, Trinity School of Texas, Longview, Texas


I have worked with Bill in the areas of strategic planning, Board relations, development office staff and program analysis, and fundraising.  In each instance, his professional insight, coupled with his candor, has allowed us to see the proverbial forest for the trees; and, in each case we have become a much stronger institution as a result.  He focuses on identifying the issues which create the roadblock, and offering solutions--solutions that work.  I believe the word which captures the essence of his work is integrity. 

Tad Bird, Headmaster, All Saints’ Episcopal School of Fort Worth, Fort Worth, Texas


Bill was instrumental in our attainment of a $50,000 grant from a notable charitable foundation.  He eased us through the grant writing process by providing his vast knowledge and keen insight into the complex world of grant writing and foundation funding, while keeping us focused on our agency’s needs and issues.  An otherwise overwhelming task became manageable because of his direction. 

Chip Adami, President of the Board, CASA of Grayson County, Inc., Sherman, Texas


Bill conducted a major gifts support survey for us.  He was dependable, professional, timely, and well-liked by people he interviewed for us.  Through his travels to Phoenix, Fort Smith, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, and within our area, he helped us determine the presence of substantial current and planned give support for our mission and our students.  He has recommended ways we can further develop those relationships and open more doors to our major gift constituents.

Susan Schwarz, Director of Development Redlands, Community College Foundation, El Reno, Oklahoma



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