Strengthening the Organization

Strengthening your organization is an evolving challenge.  You cannot remain the same from year-to-year; neither does the society or community that you serve.  Whitestone assists you in anticipating changes and mastering those challenges and opportunities.
Trustee leadership assessment and development identifies trustee strengths and challenges.  A thorough, confidential board assessment by Whitestone helps you consistently attract trustees or directors with the strengths and balance you need to support your organization’s mission.  Whitestone will also help orient and educate your trustees and directors about their responsibilities, duties, opportunities, roles, or advocacy for your organization, enabling you and your trustees to gain greater satisfaction from board service.

Chief executive fundraising skills and techniques are critical to your organization’s successful search for funding resources.  Whitestone helps you, as an executive, understand and apply fundraising principles, strengthen your ability to open doors of support, become a vital partner in seeking top-level gifts and grants, and develop lasting relationships with donors.  Our services include assisting you with research and preparation for donor contacts and events, determining donors’ interests and capability, accompanying you to meet contributors, and recommending all-important follow-up steps with individuals and funding entities.

Fundraising program assessment thoroughly reviews the current status of a fundraising program and its readiness to support a campaign or new fundraising initiative.  The assessment, conducted by Whitestone through internal and external interviews, includes a systematic review of documents, files, and data to yield a report with practical and long-term recommendations for you.

Major gifts and planned giving are the backbone of successful long-term organizational growth, particularly through an increase in endowment funds.  Whitestone will help your staff and volunteers realize basic planned giving strategies and listen to donors whose interest may be realized through gifts that yield lifetime income or benefits, while also creating future gifts for the organization.  Relationships with these donors often last for decades and must be sustained, regardless of leadership or staff changes.

Annual contributions support your day-to-day costs but also may indicate donors’ interest in substantial support for capital or endowment needs and planned giving.  Planned carefully and implemented with counsel from Whitestone, your annual giving campaign provides essential funds for programs, projects, financial aid, operations, or maintenance.

Current and new development operations enable you to meet your annual and multi-year contribution goals.  Whitestone will recommend steps for improving or re-structuring current programs, as well as building new programs to increase and expand your donor support. 

Development gift policy and procedures underlie all fundraising operations and assure the proper acceptance, acknowledgement, stewardship, and management of contributions.  Whitestone assists you in crafting specific gift policies and procedures.

Donor research, cultivation, and solicitation are keys to long-term, successful fundraising programs.  Whitestone and its affiliates will assist you in building donor and prospect research capabilities by linking your clients with recognized research databases, recommending proven techniques for donor cultivation, and guiding successful solicitation strategies that realize donors’ philanthropic goals.

Stewardship and donor relations build strong bridges between donors and your organizations.  Donor relations are strengthened with consistent, faithful stewardship and create philanthropic partnerships that can last for generations.  Whitestone can assist you in building strong stewardship programs and active donor relationships that encourage continued support and offer contributors growing involvement with your organization. 

Internet presence and productivity are now essential for nonprofit organizations.  Through the Internet and social media, organizations seek support, provide news, dispense assistance, enable online participation, report to donors, deliver education, and offer a growing array of other services and products.  Whitestone assists clients in reviewing their Internet use and recommends strategies and providers to enhance their Internet presence to constituents.

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